Thursday, August 25, 2011

:: Relevant '11 - Nice to Meet You ::

My sweet sister-friend, Denise is hosting a linky party for all of us attending The Relevant Conference to introduce ourselves.  If you're unfamiliar with the conference, you can head over to find out more information and drool over the awesomeness that is the heart-child of Sarah Mae, Jessica Heights, and Dana Adams. I've been hearing about Relevant for months now and by God's grace and mountain-moving power, I was able to get a ticket months after they sold out (more on that story in another post)!  I'm so excited and am currently seeking sponsorship and blue-sky dreaming about up my "niche" blog (which will hopefully launch this Winter/Spring).

That new space will center on creative expression and the arts in worship.  My true heartbeat.  I've been a lead worshiper for churches, camps, and schools since my Freshman year of high school.  Nine years have passed and I can't wait to share what I've learned on this journey - what I'm still learning.  My husband and I are both musicians and are currently pursuing God's call on our lives to share what He has given us in the form of lyrics and melodies with a larger audience.  We're working on preparations for recording our first EP, working with a designer for branding and I'm working on writing some introductory pieces for the new blog. 

So, a little about me...

{a} age :: early twenty-something

{b} bed size//book :: full//stepping heavenward by: elizabeth prentiss

{c} chore you hate//color :: washing dishes//coral

{d} dogs/dream car :: golden retrievers (someday)//vw microbus (70's)

{e} experience of a lifetime//essential start to your day :: 2 week video production trip to israel//coke

{f} fast food :: mcdonald's

{g} gold or silver :: silver

{h} holiday :: christmas

{i} instruments you play//icecream :: lots of guitar and vox & a little piano//black raspberry chip

{j} job title :: mom-singer/songwriter-administrative assistant

{k} kids :: one little lion cub (5 months)

{l} live :: midwest

{m} major//movie :: comprehensive communications, electronic media minor, bible minor//despicable me

{n} name meaning//number :: "truth"//18 million (no joke)

{o} overnight hospital stays :: just baby

{p} pet peeve//phobia :: failing to signal your intent in a car//fluttery things (like butterflies)

{q} quote :: "clothes make the man. naked people have little to no influence in society." mark twain

{r} righty or lefty//restaurant :: righty//carrabbas

{s} season//smell :: winter//lumber & bread

{t}travel//time of day :: israel, canada, mexico, all over us (touring teams from college)//late late at night (um, 2am)

{u} university :: cedarville

{v} veggie you like//verse :: zuchinni//john 4:23

{w} what makes you run late :: my love of sleeping in

{x}x-rays :: teeth stuff?

{y} yummy food//yesterday :: #49 @ my favorite mexican place//1st day back after having the lion cub *sigh*

{z} zoo animal favorite :: lions and that one baby elephant