Monday, September 5, 2011

:: Warrior Prayers - An Introduction ::

Hi, I'm Alle - Group 7's coordinator!
Get ready to wear some holes in your jeans, girls!  It's time for the Warrior Prayers: 21 Days of Prayer for Sons Challenge!  I am so excited about this opportunity - I talk about it with just about every boy-mama I meet!  If you've never heard of Warrior Prayers head over to my dear friend and author of the book that started it all, Brooke McGlothlin's blog here.  If you're here because you're part of the totally-awesome Group #7 - welcome!  This is my third round of the 21 Days of Prayer for Sons Challenge and my second as a group leader - each time I work through these prayers, read the stories shared by other mamas, and connect with the incredible community here, I am touched in a fresh and growth-inspiring way!  If this is your first time through the challenge, know up front that you will end up praying these Scriptures over the Big Warriors in your life (papas and other male role models) and for your own heart as well at some point along the journey.

Our group is currently home to around 40 prayer warriors from all walks of life - mamas with warriors in school, mamas with little guys, homeschool mamas, grandmamas, even a papa or two - we've got it all!  Please remember that if you have a friend or spouse who wants to join with us - or perhaps you're a regular reader of Chasing-Eden and would like more information - please send me an email and we'll work out all the details right away!  It's never too late to join!  (allemccloskey(at)gmail(dot)com)

Here are some details to give you a better picture of our journey together for the 21 days...

When ::  September 6th-26th
Ebook :: Warrior Prayers by: Brooke McGlothlin
Make sure you've purchased and downloaded your copy (click the link above) - it's typically $5.97, but Brooke has a deal in honor of the challenge starting tomorrow that it will be $1.99 for just a little longer!  Hurry!  You can get it for your Nook or Kindle, or if you downloaded the PDF version, you can read it on your computer, or print it out!  If for any reason you are having difficulty obtaining a copy, let me know and I will do all I can to help!

Challenge Structure ::
  • Prayer Time :: Each day we will pray individually through the 10 topical prayers as outline in Brooke's book.  Additionally, I will be sharing a blog post here at Chasing-Eden with some extra encouragement, reminders, and ideas for your prayer time as we travel through the challenge together.  I'll also be giving you an inside peek into my own Journey-moments with my little "Warrior!"
  • Community :: This challenge is best accomplished through sharing with each other - that's why Brooke encouraged the facilitation of these groups!  We can all learn from each other and it can be refreshing to see those we are walking alonside on this journey.  We have four main opportunities for this group to interact...
    • Share the Journey :: Each Friday, I will remind every one in the blog post to share how things are going!  Simply connect with us by leaving a note in the comment section and let us know how your time in the challenge is progressing, what has been a struggle, have you seen growth in your Warriors since you've started the challenge.
    • On Our Knees :: Each Wednesday, we'll host a time of prayer here at Chasing-Eden.  I will start up the comment section for that day with a general prayer for our group and some prayer requests/praises specific to my family and Warrior.  The person who comments after me would then post a prayer for those requests and leave a list of their own for the next person - and so on.  It's a beautiful rolling prayer!
    • Central OH Meet Up :: We have a great group of women who are from the Central OH area and we're currently working on a meet-up once or twice for this challenge - watch your email for more details!  Of the four women on the Warrior Prayers Leadership team, we've got 2 in Columbus!  Go Bucks! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
    • Twitter Party - we're also working on a party in the future with the possibility of some giveaways - what a great opportunity to get online together at the same time and connect!
  • Need Extra Accountability :: No problem!  I am more than willing to send you extra reminders - we can connect with an extra email, twitter check-in, or even a text message!  Some people just need an extra reminder mid-day or evening!  If this sounds like you, shoot me an email and we'll get the details worked out!

Alright, I think that's all the "info" you need - tomorrow afternoon I will email a link to the first blog post for Day 1 and an opportunity to introduce ourselves and your warriors to the rest of our little "Group 7" family!

Blessings and Grace.