Thursday, September 15, 2011

:: WP Challenge Day 10 - Love ::

Today we're moving from our section, "Men Set Apart" and on to the "Fruit of the Spirit" - we'll hang out here for the next nine days - praying for these characteristics to manifest themselves sin our sons' lives (and ours).  There are tons of resources to help you teach these concepts to your sons and I've pulled a couple of them for you - please share in the comment section if you stumble across anything else.

Fruit of the Spirit Coloring Page

I first hear that song while leading worship on a VBS Missions Trip back in high school and it cracks me up now just as much as it did then.  I learned the Steve Green "Hide 'Em In Your Heart" version when I was little - but I love the motions that you can incorporate with this one - tried to find a video to show you that, but no go.  So, essentially, here's the breakdown...or make up your own...

  • coconut = "knock" on your head, make the sound with your tongue
  • banana = arms above your head, curve your whole self
  • watermelon = hold arms like you're carrying one really low
  • cherry = thumb and forefinger show how tiny it is
  • strawberry = wow, I honestly can't remember what we did here - um, improvise!
  • grape = gather your kids in a bunch and throw your hands up
For today's fruit, we're on love and here is Brooke's thought for us...

"The word 'love' is used too loosely in today's world.  We love our food, cars, friends, shoes, fingernail polish, and hair color.  But there is no real definition of the word 'love' apart from God.  How can we begin to make changes in our life and vocabulary to help our sons understand the true meaning of the word?"

:: Assignment for Today :: 
  • Reading: The Fruit of the Spirit (Study Questions)
  • Prayers: Love
  • Comment: Share some fun, fresh ideas for instilling Biblical truths in your warriors - like the Fruit of the Spirit.