Sunday, September 18, 2011

:: WP Challenge Day 13 - Patience ::

How fitting - patience.  Thank you, friends - for your patience as I get back on my feet and ease back into my routine and this journey with you.  Here is our encouragement from Brooke:

"I sat across the table from a younger friend of mine and listened to her share her heart and vision for all she wanted to accomplish in Jesus' Name.  She was 16 and had decided that living an everyday, mundane life wasn't for her.  No, she wanted a big life spent for the Lord.  I'm convinced that God cares less about how much I accomplish in life...the 'great things' I do in His Name...than He does about how I respond to the the things He allows into my life on the daily  Some of the most accomplished in the Kingdom of Christ are those whose names you and I will never know this side of heaven.  And greatness is only measured by how well we respond to Christ in the little things.  Being patient for God's plan and not necessarily pursuing our own dreams.  Paul E. Miller has this to say about greatness in his book entitled 'A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World'...'Underneath her obedient life is a sense of helplessness.  It has become part of her very nature...almost like breathing.  Why?  Because she is weak.    She can feel her restless heart, her tendency to compare herself with others.  She is shocked at how jealousy can well up in her.  She notices how easily the world gets its hooks in her.  In short, she distrusts herself.  When she looks at other people, she sees the same struggles.  The world, the flesh, and the Devil are too much for her.  The result?  Her heart cries out to God in prayer.  She needs Jesus.'"

:: Assignment for Today ::

  • Reading: None
  • Prayers: Patience
  • Comment:  Let's laugh together today - share a funny story or memory about your warriors!