Wednesday, September 21, 2011

:: WP Challenge Day 16 - Faithfulness ::

Can you believe that we've been praying together for 15 days?!  And we only have one more week left together!  I think today's topic is appropriately timed - I'm struggling with being faithful to the challenge this morning.  I'm tired.  I've got about 18 million (my hubbers says that's my favorite "exaggeration number") things on my to-do list.  I sometimes find it easier to worry about my son than pray for him.  Are you struggling?  I'm going to keep today very short and sweet - I would like us to focus on two things...
  • Praying for our sons to be faithful.  Faithful to their Lord, faithful to their future/current spouse, faithful to the calling God has placed on their lives. 
  • Praying for our faithfulness and encouraging one another.  Faithfulness to this challenge, faithfulness to be intentional parents who work hard to be Christ's hands and feet to our sons, and faithfulness for the hard times when we're worn or beat down.
:: Assignment for Today ::
  • Reading: None
  • Prayers: Faithfulness
  • Comment: On Our Knees - Post a prayer for the person before you and a list of your praises and requests.