Thursday, September 8, 2011

:: WP Challenge Day 3 - Submission to Authority ::

I'm going to be very honest as we start out today - there is a part of me that bristles when I hear phrases like, "Just obey," or "You need to submit to authority."  It is not in my DNA to desire obedience and submission - oh, I want to be a person who desires those things and I want to please God, but sometimes, doing my own thing sounds so much better.  I am gonna take a wild guess and say that I'm not the only one who struggles with these thoughts.  And our sons are struggling right there with us - they don't even posses the life-experience of knowing why obedience and submission can benefit them in the long run.  Often times, they just know they have to do what mama and daddy said to do.  If they ask "why, " we tell them, "Because I said so."  Ah, that has to be the most annoying and least satisfying answer in the universe.  Brooke share this story with us of her son's battle to submit, even when he may not have understood the "why" behind his mama's instruction.

From S.A.F.E.
"All of their lives, our sons will find themselves needing to submit to someone.  From parents, to teachers, to bosses, to government officials, and even to God Himself, they will always have someone in a position of authority over them.  The other day, my son fell off of an old metal merry-go-round and was nearly hit in the head by the spinning giant.  I nearly had heart failure.  His little blond head seemed less than an inch away from certain death...or at least a serious head injury.  So, in typical mama bear fashion, I forbade him to get on it again.  Later, an older friend of his showed up and go on the merry-go-round, all the while doing his best to coax my son to make his own choice.  He wanted to get on.  His little legs twitched, inching closer and stepping back, inching close and stepping back...his own internal merry-go-round of decision -- obey mom or have fun?  I don't want you to think my son always chooses to submit to my authority, but this particular day, he did.  As his friend whirled around gleefully I heard his precious little voice say, "My mommy says I can't get on."  He hung his head, turned around, and saw that I had been watching the whole thing.  When our eyes met he saw rejoicing in mine...and I held up my arms in victory and watched him run to me to celebrate."

Sniff...okay, someone pass me some tissues!  What a beautiful picture - and can't you just see our Father rejoicing every time we pause to obey His voice when our hearts so desperately want something out of His will.  Friends, celebrate those moments when they obey - you're teaching them to ultimately listen for, submit to, and obey their Heavenly Father's commands.

:: Assignment for Today ::
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  • Prayer through the 10 prayers on Submission to Authority.
  • Comment: Leading by example is everything - what does "submitting to authority" look like in your own life and how can you grow in this area?