Monday, September 12, 2011

:: WP Challenge Day 8 - Servant's Heart ::

Are you blessed to have someone in your life who truly exemplifies a servant's heart?  Someone who is willing to do whatever, whenever just to make your day better?  Someone who knows your needs and wants (sometimes before you do) and does everything in their power to fulfill them.  Someone who is genuinely filled up themselves by pouring their lives into others?  I know someone like this...I live with him.  He blesses me in hundreds of ways each day - some that he knows and takes time to orchestrate and others that are such a part of his way of life that he can't imagine not doing them.  (As I write this, he's cleaning up the kitchen from dinner, packed the diaper bag for tomorrow, and brought me a snack - sigh, what a sweetie.)

This servant heart was the first thing I noticed about my husband - when we were in college he was always the guy staying late to tear down a rehearsal or even, always the one offering to drive, always the one picking up food for someone, always the one laying down his life and plans so someone else's day could run a little smoother.  I also saw that his heart often went unnoticed.  The steps he took to bless others at school, home, church - everywhere were often done in secret, in quiet or sometimes were such a "normal" part of another person's life that they ceased to recognize their influence.

We both grew up as "ministry kids" - first ones there, last ones out.  Serving in ministry is a way of life for us and we wouldn't have it any other way - but my husband takes it a step further.  He is a listener, a lover of Truth, and a protector by nature...combine that with the servant heart and you'll realize I'm a blessed woman.  Blessed to call this man my best friend, blessed to see him serve others wholeheartedly, blessed to pray that this one incredible trait will be passed on to our little guy.  Yes, I want my Cub to have his Daddy's good looks (wink), intellect, and passion for God's people...but with all this, my one prayer is that he witnesses and trains himself to be a servant.  To see the model his father puts forth and follows.  That ultimately, he recognizes our Chief Servant and seeks to lay his life down in the same way.

Do you want this for your sons, too?  One of our prayers for today is found in Ephesians 6:7 - "May ______________ serve wholeheartedly, as if he were serving the Lord, not men."  Wholeheartedly - what a beautiful word.  It is defined as that which is "marked by unconditional commitment, unstinting devotion, or unreserved enthusiasm."  What if our sons were Kingdom-shakers with their unconditional commitment to aiding others?  What if our warriors sought to serve their fellow man with unstinting devotion?  And what if these little men - men set apart - crafted moments and words of blessing with unreserved enthusiasm for those around them?  Dear Ones, we would have a revolution on our hands.  So, pray.  Pray hard.  That your sons would be witness to your own example of service and that God would give them opportunities to train their servant muscles...opportunities to train their eyes to recognize need and seek ways to meet it.

:: Assignment for Today ::
  • Reading: None
  • Prayers: Servant's Heart
  • Comment: What characteristic of the ultimate Servant, Jesus, do you see reflected in your son?  What characteristic would you like to help him cultivate?