Tuesday, October 11, 2011

:: 10 Things My Relevant Roomies Should Know About Me ::

Only 15 days until I leave for The Relevant Conference!  I'm getting to that "giddy excited" stage and can't wait for it to get here!  There are so many things I'm looking forward to, including meeting my roomies: Aurie, Heather, and Stephanie!  In honor of that giggle-fest I am gonna link up with my sweet friend, Brooke's linky party for the Top 10 Things My Relevant Roomies Should Know About Me list! 

1. I'm a Night Owl - although I'm discovering that since having a baby, my body doesn't like this anymore.  My old college-girl-stay-up-until-2am-self needs to officially retire, but Relevant might be the place to bring her back - just for a little bit!

2. Apparently, I sometimes talk in my sleep - like, carry-on-a-conversation-albeit-not-an-intelligent-one, kind of sleep talking.  Not sure I totally believe my Quiet Man on this one, but that's what he has told me.

3. Consider yourselves warned - I tend to slip into weird voices and accents without knowing it.  No matter what I sound like, no, I'm not British, nor am I related to the minions from Despicable Me.

4. I cannot sleep without fan noise.  Seriously - like in the dead of winter I will turn a fan on full-blast on my face.  But roomies, do not worry - I've already downloaded "fan noises" to my iTouch - so we're all good!

5. At my core, I'm a musician - and yes, I've officially decided to bring my guitar.  Don't know if we'll get a free moment - but if the Spirit leads maybe we'll have an impromptu worship session!

6. This is my first time away from my Little Lion Cub and I'm already freaking out!  Please humor me with how often I am going to show you pictures on my non-iPhone and to those bringing babies, please don't freak out if I follow you around.

7. I snort when I laugh - it's genetic.  But I don't think I'll be alone in this!*cough*Kristi*cough*

8.  Lately, I've been missing the dance parties I had at Cedarville with my roomie!  We were closet hip-hop lovers!  I'm feeling a comeback comin' on, Lara!

9. I make up songs - like really weird ones about random things I'm doing.  But I can get kind of good with the rhyming.  Sometimes I even transform a song you might know - a la parody.  We'll see what we can come up with at Relevant!

10. Heading to a conference like Relevant can get expensive and this year, I was unable to secure any solid financial supporters via the blog (I'm still a baby at all of this) -- so, I've decided to utilize my Thirty-One Gifts Business to help offset the cost.  If you're in need of a new bag, gifts for the holidays, or just want more information - please, please, please contact me!  allemccloskey(at)gmail(dot)com

Can't wait to meet you all!