Wednesday, January 4, 2012

:: HelloMornings ::

I'm nocturnal...beyond night owl.
Like..."college-student-stay-up-until-2am-or-3am-because-I-can" night owl.
If allowed, I would sleep in until noon of my life and there are times I'm convinced that God got it all wrong and the world's clock should be reversed.

After having Augustine in March, that all went out the window and God thought it would be hilarious to send me a little bundle of joy that adores waking up smiling and babbling at 5 "oh-my-gosh-are-you-kidding-me" 30 in the morning.  I'm also married to one of those's sickening.

But, I'm on a journey...a journey of discovery that mornings are not a tool of Satan to thwart my happiness, but are actually a gift from God to center my day and heart on the things that matter relationship with Him, my family, and my work for the Kingdom each day.  But like all gifts, you have to know how to use it properly to get the most out of it.

Enter HelloMornings.

Right before having Auggie, I stumbled upon an incredible blog with some of the most life-changing, heart-encouraging resources out there.  Kat's writing at Inspired to Action and through her ebooks, Maximize Your Mornings and Mission Statements for Moms have been some of my "go-to" tools for mama-hood, faith, and encouragement.  Taking it all one step further, she and Michelle have developed an incredible community of women who purpose to encourage and hold each other accountable to a few simple commitments...
  • Getting up before the rest of your nest and establishing a routine that will ultimately bless you and the rest of your family 
  • Meeting with God in worship, prayer, and through the study of His Word
  • Committing to consistent exercise of some form
  • Making a plan for each day to be the most effective force for the Kingdom in your home and ministry
The beauty of this community is that it looks different for everyone.  Some meet in various online spaces (I have been/will continue to be an Accountability Captain for a twitter group), some work through these steps with IRL friends...some get up at 4:00a and others at 9:00a...some spend their time in the Word at night's a very fluid concept and I have found it's best if you find a routine to fit your season of life.

We're getting ready to kick off another season of the challenge and while the official sign-ups are closed, I strongly urge you to download Kat's free ebooks and jump in on twitter, with your own friends...whatever works for you.

Just for a little added accountability for myself, I want to share a snippet of how my version of the challenge will look for this season...This is my rough framework and I plan on posting more specifics as we move further into the challenge...

1. Wake up at 5:00a
2. Spend time with Jesus in prayer/The Word/worship
3. Work through the 10 minute RevelationWellness workouts
4. Plan out my day using my own printable (tee hee...more info on this soon)

I'm prayerfully asking God to guide me to the right Bible study for this time in my life.  Katie and Lara are currently ironing out the details of the official study for the HelloMornings Challenge and that is definitely an option, but I really feel as though I'm supposed to be working through Proverbs...any suggestions on a good study/book to guide me through it?  And I'm curious to know what your mornings look like...any tips, hints, funny anecdotes?


  1. I just love you friend!!

  2. Aww! I love you, too, Kristi - so good to have IRL friends who get this whole "bloggy" thing, too!