Friday, March 2, 2012

Eden Chasers | God-Grains

Hello, friends!  It's been awhile - thank you so much for your grace and patience.  Life has been a little insane as of late and to top it all off, the hard-drive on our mac died last week and we're still trying to figure out a solution!  So, blogging has taken a back-seat, but I'm hoping March will hold something different in store!

Today, we're continuing the guest-post series, Project | Eden Chasers - my hope for this series to to open up the writing here to include the heart stories and "chasing after Eden" moments of my friends and readers.  If you're interested in guest posting in this corner of the online world, please read these simple guidelines and connect with me!

I'm really excited about today's guest, Cassi - we met awhile back in the online spheres and her blog Along the Trail has truly blessed my heart as I read her encouraging words and her pictures...oh, wow!  She has a wonderful talent for seeing beauty in her world and capturing it to share with the rest of us! 
   When she sent me her words for this post, I immediately began to cry - she communicated a simple message with such emotion and grace - I can't wait for you to read...please take a moment to welcome her to Chasing-Eden.

Do you remember the old-school desk ornament we called the Rolodex?

I discovered ours when I recently caught spring fever (clean and purge!).  Oh, the memories locked up in those cards.  Horseback riding lessons, beginning kindergarten, friends, grace-extenders, ministry partners, favorite restaurants, sellers of our home.  Flipping through these memories caused unexpected emotion to run race down my cheeks.  Leaning my head against the seventies paneling in our rental home I whispered, "Why am I crying, Daddy?  Help me see You in this."

I stood staring at that grain in the paneling, listening and hoping for something to give clarity.  Then I heard the whisper.  Those cards represent the grain in your heart.  Yes, that was it.  Each person, memory, mile stone brought to the surface all God had done in our family and in our hearts as He prepared us to move into camp ministry.  Our *other* life was a mix of dreams becoming a reality and heart-wrenching struggle and hardship.  The intermingling of joy and pain created God-grains on our hearts that changed us forever.

Walking over to our wood-burning stove, I pulled the cards out of the Rolodex and tossed them into the fire.  Peace washed over me as I watched our *other* life become ash and felt the reminder of God's love and presence ingrained on my heart.

Who knew a Rolodex could do all that?  
May you find God's love ingrained on your heart today.  Blessings to you, friends.


{Cassi from Along the Trail}

Cassi Werner left her *other* life in the city five years ago for the glamour of the backwoods.  With her man and three kids, Cassi serves in camp ministry at Whisper Mountain Youth Camp in Western North Carolina.  Balancing family and ministry is her full-time work, with a little hammock swinging and picture taking splashed in.  Living to capture, embrace, and share the hopeful beauty in her days, Cassi writes of family and camp adventures on her blog, Along the Trail.

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