Friday, March 9, 2012

Eden Chasers | One of Those Days

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for incredible friends who have agreed to guest post at Chasing-Eden with our Project | Eden Chasers while I have been absent from the online spheres.  We're still working out our issues with no computer, but I'm hoping to get a solution in place sometime this weekend.  I've truly missed you all!  

Today, I'm so excited to introduce a friend who is very dear to me!  Aurie Good blogs over at Our Good Life and I've so enjoyed reading her words of faith and family over the past year.  Our friendship became even sweeter when we roomed together with another sweet gal at the Relevant Conference this past year!  It was so great to put a voice and a face with the words I'd come to love on my computer screen!  Her post today really hit home for me as I had a rough day with my little one recently.  Her simple reminder of something that has become a family motto for us - "no matter what" love - was well timed and much needed for this tired mama!  Please join me in welcoming her! 


I believe that each day is a precious gift.
Each moment should be opened with care and treasure.
And then I have one of those days...

The day that is never ending and makes you want to run back to bed and pull the covers over your head.  The day that starts with a bump and never gets back on smooth ground.  The day where everyone is either whining, or sick, or crying, or not sharing.  The day where I find myself counting the minutes until I can put the girls to bed and finally {finally!!} have some quiet.

Have you been there?
I have.

Those are the days that I need to hug my girls close and give them some extra kisses, hugs, and love.  To let them know that no matter what, I love them.  That they are treasures to me, and to Him.
How often have I cried or grumbled or yelled with things didn't go my way?  When the plan that I wanted wasn't what He wanted for me?  When the road forked and I wanted to go right...but He needed me to go to the left.
Oh the temper tantrums that I've thrown in my heart.

We are the same, the girls and I.  Just as He loves on me, in spite of my craziness...I love on my girls.
It's what we are called to do.
Love one another, as He first loved us.
How amazing is that gift - no matter what - He loves me!

Who can you show some love to today?


  1. oh so sweet! I have an entire house full that I need to show some extra love today. Have a fantastic Friday!!

  2. What an encouraging post, Aurie! Oh how He loves us...
    And you're right. we're no different than anyone else. I'm not different than my son. I have bad days. Some days I trend towards selfish. I don't always want to share...but He loves me anyway.
    And I can do that. I can love. Even when it doesn't come easy. Because He loves me. That I can do.
    Blessings to you!

  3. Hope you are having a great weekend :)

  4. Hey Nikki!! Isn't it awesome to realize that He loves us, no matter what?! How can we NOT share that love?