Friday, August 31, 2012

31 Days Series in October | Let Me Design for You

For the past three Octobers, Nester has committed her corner of the blog world to a themed series - taking each day to further expound on her given topic for that year while providing encouragement, practical tips, and passion to her readers!  With the passing of each year, she has also taken steps to grow this "31 day series" concept by including a larger circle of blogger-friends and last year's October saw over 700 women participate with their own dedicated series that included a wide range of topics and passions!  October 2012 is right around the corner and already the blog-world is buzzing with potential topic ideas, planning, and even a bit of trepidation at the thought of pushing the "publish" button for 31 days in a row!

This past week, Nester officially started the conversation about the upcoming series with a post on the importance of creating a "button" to help advertise and promote your series.  Along with several other "host" bloggers, Nester provides a giant link-up for the participants and those buttons are the number one way readers are attracted to a specific blogger's series!  If you are planning on joining in the fun this October, you should know that many people will make a decision to "click over" based on your title and how that is displayed on your button, so you definitely want just the right look!

This is where I come in...I'm currently in the pre-launch stages of opening my own web design business and I would love to partner with you to create the perfect button to get your series noticed!  After all, you're going to pour a lot of love and time into your topic and writing and you don't want your series to get overlooked simply because you don't have the right promotion piece!  Ready to get started?  Take a peek at the Packages below and few of the examples, look over the Design Process details, and read through the Design Terms, and get your project started today!

The Simple Button - $5 // each
  • One text/graphic/photo-based button
  • Typical sizes include: 125x125, 200x200, 250x250, etc.
Create Your Package - $10 // select 3 items
  • One text/graphic/photo-based button
  • One "skinny" banner (useful for tops of posts, in a sidebar, etc.)
  • Facebook Timeline Cover
  • Avatar - your image with "lower-third" promo for your series (useful for social media profiles)
  • Watermark - useful to protect your images and direct "pinners" to your original content
The Complete Package - $15 // All Items Listed Above (BEST DEAL)
Simple Blog Button Example
Skinny Banner Example
Avatar Example

Once you've selected a package from the listings above, click here to complete the design homework!  The homework is a fun and easy piece of the design process that allows me to capture the vision you have for your series and your blog's aesthetic so we can create a cohesive branding package for your series graphics!  After reviewing your design needs and vision, I will communicate with you via email to gather any additional information I may need and I'll also send you the invoice for your project.  Once full payment is received, you'll be given an estimated wait time for your initial design preview.  After gaining access to that preview, you are welcome to make 2-3 small revisions and I'll tidy up your design!  When the design is finalized, I will email you the final package files and you may integrate them into your blog posts, social media outlets, and other venues to maximize the effectiveness and outreach of your series!  Easy peasy!

Make sure to click through to view the Design Terms here - you'll find many of the answers to your questions, but if you still need clarification or want to chat before making a commitment, please email me at alle(at)findingedenmedia(dot)com and we'll get the conversation started!


  1. Hi Alle!

    This is my first time to your blog and I'm already a follower! You have amazing talent... but it's your heart for God that got me. You express your love for Him well, sister!

    I would LOVE to jump on this AMAZING opportunity, I can tell you have a lot of talent and I'm sure you will be awesome at web design!... I just know there is no. way. at. all. uh-uh. nope. never. that I could post 31 days in a row. : ) So I'll have to be an avid reader.

    Just wanted to say hi!


  2. Elise, I just stalked your blog and LOVE it! Your voice is so authentic and approachable and I'm really excited to meet a new "bloggy friend!" Thanks for your sweet encouragement, girl!

    And I completely understand how overwhelming the prospect of writing for 31 days in a row can be! I'm vaguely remembering that someone did a series that focused on the "anti-31" days practice. Not that they were against it, but that they decided to participate a little differently and didn't hold themselves to a strict "post every day" rule. So, there's always that option for you!

    Thanks for stopping over! Looking forward to getting to know you better in the future!

  3. What a fun idea! Best wishes with your new venture! :)