Thursday, August 23, 2012

Behind The Scenes Peek + Your Darling Blog Design Workshop

Chasing-Eden is preparing to undergo an intense and exciting renovation and facelift in the near future!

After months of quiet soul-searching, prayerful seeking of God's will, and blue-sky dreaming and planning - we're finally ready to move forward in the next season of blogging with our small corner of the internet!  We'll be diving into more of what those changes actual entail in future posts, but as a "sneak peek" be on the look out for:

  • A move away from a straight "lifestyle" blog and into a "niche" that showcases our heart and passions
  • A new design to reflect our direction and fuel our re-branding
  • Vlogs to share some of the new music we're writing and get your feedback
  • An expansion to include new writers and sponsors that truly connect with our readers

Along with these changes to our online home, I'm settling into a new role as an official "Stay-At-Home-Mama!"  I'm over-the-moon happy that God has opened up the doors for me to spend time with my boys - I feel so blessed!  But, knowing my personality and my need to constantly "create" and being all too aware our financial situation, I've been secretly working on something behind the scenes that has been a long-time dream of mine!

I'm in the pre-launch stages of opening my online design business and friends, I haven't been this uber-excited about something in such a long time!  In fact, my mama and I were brainstorming last week and she was telling me about the emotion she gets when she's dreaming/doing something that tickles that special part in her creative heart...she said, "I have these moments where I just want to jump up and run around the block!"  And I think I shouted, "YES!  I COMPLETELY get that, too!"  That is exactly how I feel every time I meet/email with a pre-launch client, further hone my business plan, study the design work of others, or take a coding class on HTML or CSS (gosh, I'm such a nerd)!

All of that being said, I'm also having to stretch my creative brain when it comes to resourcing and learning this new business with some pretty tight financial constraints!  I would love to enroll in design, branding, and marketing classes at our local university, purchase a brand spankin' new MacBook Pro, and grab Adobe Cloud, but I'm trusting that those things will come if I'm faithful with the little that God has given me thus far!

One opportunity that I would love to take part in is Jo Klima's Your Darling Blog Design Workshop!  I've quietly stalked this woman's graphic and web design work because I really resonate with her style - it's clean, fresh, showcases her client's voice/work beautifully, and reflects a passionate designer who never settles for second best for her clients!  Seriously, go check her out - this woman is packed full of resources, inspiration, and ninja-like design skills and she shares it with others!

Jo's Your Darling Blog Design Workshop has been on my radar for quite a long time now, but finances have dictated that I hold off (unless someone wants to sponsor me) since it costs $295 AUD!  Then, my heart did a little "skip-jump" dance because Jo recently opened up a scholarship opportunity for one individual to take part in the next session of the course!  Combining tutorials, assignments, inspiration, the input of other professional designers, and a small community of fellow students, Jo has crafted the perfect opportunity for bloggers and up-and-coming designers to truly "own" their design and infuse it with their passion while sharpening their skills and technique for design!  Oh, and the scholarship also includes 3 weeks of personalized feedback on your work from Jo!  Oh, be still my heart!

If I were to receive this scholarship, I see the benefits being two-fold...Not only would I have the perfect opportunity to walk through the design process of rebranding and reworking Chasing-Eden with another professional (something my heart desperately seeks right now), but I would be able to learn new skills, hone my design eye, and get some much-needed feedback that I'm missing from being in a traditional classroom setting for design work!  Ultimately, I see this scholarship as a way to benefit and bless my future clients as I work hard to develop my skill-set to bring the same quality and passion to their design needs as Jo brings to her clients! I sit with all my fingers and toes crossed.
Will you shoot up a prayer for me, too?


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  1. Sounds like an amazing opportunity! Will definitely keep you in my prayers!

    Just found you via the Slash Blog link up, and I'm so glad I did! I'm your newest follower!